To integrate Shopify be sure to review your API keys. If you go to the upper right hand side you will find a menu option that allows you to view your API keys needed for the Shopify shop.

API Keys

Step 1. Download Conekta Antifraud

Next, go to the installation page for Conekta Antifraud:

Step 2. Configure your public key

Shopify will ask you to confirm the installation of our antifraud app. To install it you must select Install App.

To install the Conekta Antifraud App, enter your Conekta Public API key.

A confirmation window will appear once the installation is complete.

Note: Once the success message is displayed you may then close the window to continue the installation.

Step 3. Set up Conekta as the payment provider

Return to the Shopify Dashboard (SettingsPayment providersAccept credit cards). Paste the private key in the "API Key (Private Key)" field in the Shopfiy Dashboard, and click "Activate".

Select Conekta:

Copy and use the private key.

Private Key

Now, in the Payment providers section, go to the separate section labeled Payment authorization, here select the first option Automatically capture payment for orders. Click Save changes when you are done. This step is necessary to be able to charge the card in the same moment that the client is making the request.

If you wish to manually verify each of your users before allowing their payment, use the option Authorize the customers credit card. To capture the charges, please use the following Shopify documentation:

Step 4. Configure your account

To complete the installation, go back to the Shopify dashboard (SettingsCheckoutCustomer contact). Select the option, Customers can only check out using email.

Verify that in the section (Form optionsFull name), Require first and last name is enabled.

Verify that in the section (Form optionsShipping address phone number), Required is enabled.

Finally, save your changes:

Step 5. Make a test purchase

Use our test cards to make a trial purchase and continue with your validation process:

The expiration date can be any date in the future. The CVV, or pin number, can be any 3 random digits.


4242 4242 4242 4242


CVV: 777

Step 6. Activate your account

The next step is to activate the account to be able to create real charges in production mode. Inside your Conekta Admin, click "Activation Process" which is found in the upper left hand corner of the admin.

Botón proceso de activación

A series of steps instructing you on how to successfully activate should appear.

Setup Conekta

Click on the Verification section and complete the forms.


We recommend that you carefully read the steps listed in the education section to understand and be aware of countercharge responsabilities and other payment aspects associated with using the API.

Educación Conekta

Our validation team will let you know when your account is active so that you can exchange your sandbox keys for production keys.


How do I change the currency type to USD in Shopify?

Within your Shopify dashboard, enter Settings and go to the section General.

Within Standards and Formats you can change the currency type to USD in the Currency section.

Now continue with offline payment settings

Continue with Offline Payments