Conekta Android SDK allows tokenization of card holder's sensitive information.


There are 2 ways to add conekta-android to your project, using artifacts or including a module.

Artifacts (AAR) 2.0

This example uses mavenCentral to install an artifact conektasdk) .aar

You must wait for Gradle to syncronize.


  • Vía git:
  • In Android Studio: File -> New -> Import Module and choose the folder conektasdk.
  • Go to: File -> Project Structure..., this opens a new window. Choose the Modules section and click on the tab Dependencies. Click on the (+)button and in the Module dependency window choose conektasdk.

SDK Conekta

Import all the classes com.conekta

Once you have added the Conekta and JSON classes, you can create the token.

Perform a charge in your server

After obtaining the token send it to your server and generate an order.