Webhooks (Eventos)

A Webhook is an HTTP POST callback. Our API sends different events related to your business in JSON format. You can use these events to notify your users, create reports, notify you operative team about chargebacks, etc.

Configure a webhook

Webhooks can be configured in the Webhook section of your admin.

The event will be sent to all of the URLs that you have assigned in the Webhooks section. This allows your application to respond to payment events as necessary.

To confirm that you have received a webhook notification correctly, your server must return an HTTP 200 code.

Conekta Events

Some of the events that you may recieve from Conekta are:

  • Charge created
  • Charge created (OXXO)
  • Order created
  • Order created (OXXO)
  • Charge paid
  • Order paid
  • Charge refunded
  • Order expired (OXXO)
  • Plan created
  • Subscription created
  • Subscription paid
  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription payment failed
  • Chargeback created