• Install and include one of the available libraries.
  • Use your own private key. If you don't already have your private key, you can get it here.

Step 1

Create one payment link.

The following snippet incorporates all of step 1. Copy and paste it into your sandbox and run the code in order to create a checkout object and send it by email or by SMS.

For more information on the different parts of the snippet please follow through the remainder of the tutorial.

Step 1.1

Associate a customer with payment link

If you want to create customers and associate them with the payment link then you can make the following two requests

Create the customer

Create payment link associated with that customer

Step 1.2

Share the url with your customer

In the response you can copy the attribute url with the customer to receive the payment.

Step 2.1

Optionally share it with a SMS message.

If you prefer we can send this url through our SMS service.

Step 2.2

Optionally share it with an email message

If you prefer we can send this url through our email service.

Step 3

Optionally receive the payment notification

If you have configured a webhook you will receive a charge.paid event when a payment is received.