In this tutorial we will show you how to use Oxxo Pay Recurrent

We created Recurring OXXO Pay so you can receive recurring payments. In this way your customers will be able to pay the number of times they need, and that you authorize. In the case of Recurring OXXO Pay, each of your clients will have a unique reference to make various payments.

Below are the steps to use OXXO Pay Recurrent

Paso 1

Añade tu llave privada y versión del API.

Necesitas tu llave privada de pruebas. Puedes encontrarla en tu panel conekta.

Create your recurring OXXO Pay

Where CUSTOM_REFERENCE_RETURNED is your custom reference and barcode_url is the generated barcode image.

Present payment form

Use a tab like this to give your customer the payment reference along with the steps necessary to complete the purchase.


Include it in your checkout or send it by mail to offer a better experience.

Check the repository to Github.

Create a Webhook

As we mentioned at the beginning, our platform must be in constant communication with you through Webhooks to:

1) Validate that the user reference is correct and can make payments.

2) Approve the amount that the user wants to pay.

3) Report a payment.

A Webhook is a notification system, where your web platform must define a URL, so that our API sends HTTP requests and can notify you of the different events that we will later specify. Therefore, you must create a Webhook from your Admin. In this way you will be activating the notification of events. In the Admin. Open your account's main menu, located in the upper right corner, and select the Webhooks section.

Within that section you will see a button called create webhook, pressing it will open a modal with a form in which you must place the url of the webhook where you want to receive OXXO Pay Recurrent events, in the same way you should select the option to "Use for Oxxo Pay Recurrent".

After creating a referral for your clients and adding a Webhook to your Admin., You will be ready to receive payments.

In the following link you can see more information on webhook events and settings.

With all this configured you can now use OXXO Pay Recurrent for your clients.