In your Conekta Admin you can find your API Keys.

Conekta Api Keys

Copy and use the private production mode key. Remember that it is very important to use the private production key, once you switch to production mode. If you continue to use the sandbox private key, all payments will be fake and you will not receive deposits from Conekta

Return to the SpinCommerce Admin (PreferencesPayment methods).

Locate the Conekta module and paste your production keys in the corresponding fields. When you are done click "Save".

Formulario Spincommerce

In your Conekta Admin go to the Webhooks section using the search bar in the upper right hand corner.

Menu Webhooks

In the Webhooks section, click Create Webhook.


In the url field paste the following link and create your webhook. Check that the Sandbox mode fields and Production mode fields are enabled. Click "Enable".