Add the Conekta extension to your Gemfile.

Run the following commands to install the gem.

In the admin of your Spree shop, go to the Configurations > Payment Method > New section.

Select the method that you want to use.

For credit and debit cards:

For cash payments:

For monthly payments without interest on credit cards:

To process months without interest, adjust the settings in the Spree initializer (config/spree.rb).

Depending on the payment method it might ask you for 1 or 2 fields.

In the Auth Token field enter your private key and in the Public Auth Token enter your public key.

Enter your Conekta Admin and go to the Webhooks section. Click "Create Webhook".

When creating a webhook you will be prompted to enter a URL. Use the URL:, but replace "mydomain" with the actual domain of your Spree shop. Check that the Production mode and Sandbox mode fields are enabled. Click "Enable".

From now on you can receive automatic payment notifications.