Get A List of Charges

Smart Filtering

The smart filter search allows you to search for charges based on different criteria, including "order_id", "customer_id", "", "payment_method.reference", "reference_id", and "id".

Additionally, if no matches are found in these fields, the filter will also search for text matches in the fields "description", "", "", "", "", "payment_method.reference", "reference_id", and "searchable_tags".

Advanced Filtering

In addition to having smart filters, we can filter by specific fields using an advanced filter type that helps us obtain more precise data.

You can learn about our advanced filters in Advanced Filters.

To use these filters, they are only allowed in the following fields:

idFilters by ID
amountFilters by amount
subscription_idFilters by subscription id
reference_idFilters by reference id
created_atFilters by creation date
statusFilters by status
order_idFilters by order
customer_info.idFilters by customer ID
failure_codeFilters by failure code
customer_idFilters by customer id
plan_idFilters by plan id
three_ds_dynamicFilters by three_ds_dynamic
monthly_installmentsFilters by monthly_installments
chargeback.idFilters by chargeback id
chargeback.statusFilters by status of the chargeback
chargeback.created_atFilters by chargeback creation date
payment_method.auth_codeFilters by payment method auth code
payment_method.descriptionFilters by description
payment_method.card_typeYou can filter by: credit and debit
payment_method.issuerFilters by payment method issuer
payment_method.brandFilters by payment method brand
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