Payment Link

It is a sub-resource of the Order model that can be stipulated in order to configure its corresponding checkout

Checkout Object


idStringUnique identifier assigned to the checkout.
objectStringObject class. In this case, “checkout”.
livemodeBooleanfalse: Test mode.
true: Production mode.
expires_atinteger (32-bit unix timestamp)Timestamp of the expiration date of the checkout, minimum 2 days maximum 365 days.
nameStringReason for payment.
urlStringCheckout URL to receive payments.
slugStringIt is the identifier in the url.
statusStringThe current status of the payment link, this can be Issued, Finalized or Expired.
typeStringThis field represents the type of checkout, it could be Integration or HostedPayment.
success_urlStringRedirection url back to the site in case of successful payment, applies only to HostedPayment.
failure_urlStringRedirection url back to the site in case of failed payment, applies only to HostedPayment.
allowed_payment_methodsArrayList of allowed payment methods.
needs_shipping_contactBooleanEsta bandera permite llenar la información de envío en el checkout.
monthly_installments_enabledBooleanThis flag allows you to fill in the shipping information at checkout.
monthly_installments_optionsBooleanIndicate the months without interest, for example 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 months.
on_demand_enabledBooleanEnable card saving
planIdStringPlan identifier associated with the checkout for the Subscription (optional in case of creating Subscriptions)
    "id": "05b25724-df59-4925-8762-105d627875fd",
    "name": "Payment Link Name 1594138857",
    "livemode": false,
    "status": "Issued",
    "type": "Integration",
    "recurrent": false,
    "allowed_payment_methods": ["cash", "card", "bank_transfer"],
    "needs_shipping_contact": false,
    "monthly_installments_options": [3, 6, 9, 12],
    "monthly_installments_enabled": true,
    "object": "checkout",
    "expired_at": 1594398057,
    "slug": "05b25724df5949258762105d627875AA",
    "url": "https:\/\/\/link\/05b25724df5949258762105d627875AA",
  	"planId": "gold-plan"