Step 1. Download our module of Github

Download our module here:

Conekta Prestashop

Unzip the file, rename it as conekta_prestashop and then compress it again as a .zip file.


Step 2. Install our module

Login to your Prestashop admin site.

Go to the modules section.

Upload the Conekta module.

Install the Conekta module. Be sure to use the Prestashop search bar if you cannot find a section.


Step 3. Configure our module

Configure the installed module with your API keys. The API keys can be found in your Conekta Admin.

Note: In the Payee section, enter your name.

Enter your Conekta Admin and go to the Webhooks sections by searching for 'webhooks' in the upper right hand corner search bar.

Menu Webhooks

In the Webhooks section, click Create Webhook.


For payments with OXXO use the URL: https://(url_of _your_site)/conekta_prestashop/notification.php, but replace "(url_of_your_site)" with the actual domain of your WooCommerce shop.

In your Prestashop dashboard, go to Advanced SettingsEmail to add your host information. Select 'Establish my own SMTP parameters.'

Save your selection and fill in the information requested in the form which appears below.

You are ready to test a purchase!

Step 4. Make a trial purchase

Use our test cards to make a trial purchase and continue with your validation process. The expiration date can be any date in the future. The CVV, or pin number, can be any 3 random digits:


4242 4242 4242 4242


CVV: 777

Step 5. Activate your account

The next step is to activate the account to be able to create real charges in production mode.

Inside your Conekta Admin, click "Activation Process" which is found in the upper left hand corner of the admin.

Botón proceso de activación

Click on the Verification section and complete the forms.


We recommend that you carefully read the steps listed in the education section to understand and be aware of chargeback

responsabilities and other payment aspects associated with using the API.

Educación Conekta

Our validation team will let you know when your account is active so that you can exchange your sandbox keys for production keys.

Step 6. Change API keys and register production webhooks

Now that your account has successfully been activated, you will need to change your

API keys in WooCommerce to the production keys. Additionally, you will need to

repeat step 4 in the admin of Conekta, this time in the production environment,

to receive real OXXO and SPEI payment notifications.


Discount code must be greater than 2 characters.

In order for the discount code to be generated correctly, it is necessary to add a name greater than 2 characters to the discount within the plugin.

Unable to upload the plugin, error when trying to upload it.

Review that the name of the folder is "conekta_prestashop".