Step 1. Download our module

Download our module from the marketplace

Conekta WooCommerce from marketplace

Or from Github

Conekta WooCommerce from Github


Step 2. Install our module

Add a new Plugin. This can be done by entering the main menu and selecting "New Plugin" from the "Plugins" submenu.

Choose "Upload plugin".

Select the file ( that you downloaded. If you have yet to download it, you can do it here.

Activate the installed plugin.


Step 3. Configure our module

Adjust the settings in WooCommerce to set Conekta as predetermined payment gateway. This can be done by selecting "Settings" in the "WooCommerce" submenu.

You can find the option "Finalize Purchase" within the section Gateway Payments at the bottom of the page. In "Finalize Purchase", drag the Credit Card Payment (ConektaCard) and Cash Payment (ConektaCash) to the top of their list.

Make Credit Card Payment the go-to payment method by clicking on the circular button of the "Predetermined" column.

When you are done, click "Save".

Configure ConektaCard with your private and public Sandbox keys and your private and public Production keys. These keys can be found in the "API Keys" section of your Conekta Admin.

Note: Use the checkbox "Enable Meses sin Intereses" to set the payment options to 3, 6, 9 and 12 monthly installments.

Remember that the monthly installments of a charge cannot be less than $100 MXN per month. For example, for a charge to be paid in 6 monthly installments it must be at least $600 MXN. For a charge to be paid in 12 monthly installments it must be at least $1200 MXN.

You can change the content of "Title" to "Credit or Debit Card Payment".

You can enable the interest free monthly installments option, and in the "commissions" section, you can see the breakdown of options for this type of payment.

To illustrate this payment method use an image that is hosted on a secure site (https).

Configure ConektaCash using only your private Production and private Sandbox keys.

Enter your Conekta Admin and go to the Webhooks sections by searching for 'webhooks' in the upper right hand corner search bar.

Menu Webhooks

In the Webhooks section, click Create Webhook.


For payments with OXXO use the URL:, but replace "mydomain" with the actual domain of your WooCommerce shop.

For payments with SPEI use the URL:, but replace "mydomain" with the actual domain of your WooCommerce shop.

You are ready to test a purchase!

Step 4. Make a test purchase

Use our test cards to make a trial purchase and continue with your validation process:

Test cards

The expiration date can be any date in the future. The CVV, or pin number, can be any 3 random digits.


4242 4242 4242 4242


CVV: 777

Step 5. Activate your account

The next step is to activate the account to be able to create real charges in production mode. Inside your Conekta Admin, click "Activation Process" which is found in the upper left hand corner of the admin.

Botón proceso de activación

A series of steps instructing you on how to successfully activate should appear.

Setup Conekta

Click on the Verification section and complete the forms.


We recommend that you carefully read the steps listed in the education section to understand and be aware of chargeback responsabilities and other payment aspects associated with using the API.

Educación Conekta

Our validation team will let you know when your account is active so that you can exchange your sandbox keys for production keys.

Step 6. Change API keys and register production webhooks

Now that your account has successfully been activated, you will need to change your API keys in WooCommerce to the production keys. Additionally, you will need to repeat step 4 in the admin of Conekta, this time in the production environment, to receive real OXXO and SPEI payment notifications.


Using a discount code

A valid discount code should have at least 2 characters.

Limit your interest free monthly installment options

Your developer can comment any unwanted options in the following files. Caution: Conekta cannot guarantee the plugin will be fully functional after any files have been modified. Apply changes carefully.